Read what college coaches, players, and parents have to say about Boise FLITE!

To Whom It May Concern:

Boise Flite Basketball exemplifies the best attributes of coaching and of the AAU organization, particularly to the young athletes of the state of Idaho. Loren has served the basketball playing youth of Idaho for some time now. He serves as Coach, Administrator, and athletic director of the Boise Flite.

He always displays a positive attitude and gentlemanly manner around the youth. The quality of his leadership has won him the admiration not only of his players, but of the adults that become involved with the Boise Flite.

Loren has a way of energizing both youth and adults to 'step up' and raise the bar of their natural abilities. I am amazed at the amount of people who tell me how fortunate our son was to be around someone like Loren and wish their son would have had the same opportunity. We were constantly thanking Loren for his time and effort, and all HE ever said was "thank-you for having such a wonderful son".

He works to create an atmosphere of cooperation, building bridges among all those that are a part of the Boise Flite Program. In word and action, he demonstrates to youth and adults alike what it is to be a good steward as he gives tirelessly of himself to the Boise Flite program.

Loren teaches sportsmanship both on and off the court. He is constantly encouraging the kids to do well academically and athletically and preaches that one does not work without the other.

He involves his teams with the younger AAU tournaments not only as mentors, but as a way for some athletes to be able to earn enough money to participate with the team. Our son participated in these work efforts, not that he needed the money, but to help him to learn the value of work. It made him feel better to know he was contributing to the expense of his endeavor.

Loren's organizational skills are impeccable, his leadership among his assistant coaches and his desire to incorporate them into the Boise Flite athletic program is most commendable. He has been, in many ways, the mind, heart and soul of the Boise Flite.

You will note I have not mentioned much about his basketball skill as a coach. I did not play basketball, therefore, technically I am no expert in the field. I did play College Football and I played for a coach in High school who was named the National High School coach of the year, twice! Loren is as good as it gets from what I have seen on the floor. He has probably helped place as many kids in college as any coach in the northwest. His resume speaks for itself.

I trusted him with my son. I can think of no higher honor I can bestow on a man. My son, Steve Anderson, #5, at Idaho State University credits Loren for everything he has achieved in basketball. And he will always be a member of the Boise Flite.

Mike Anderson

My involvement with Boise Flite started in 2000, where I played for the Southern Idaho Basketball Club under Coach Steve Ayers. I was going into my Junior Year at Valley High School located in Southern Idaho and we met Boise Flite in the Winners Bracket of the Oregon Prep Tournament held in Twin Falls. Their team was stacked with some of the best Idaho High School Basketball players in the Treasure Valley. With the likes of Cory Violette, Booker Neighbors, and Jeff Beus. After this epic game that went into 2 overtimes is when I decided that I wanted to be a part of this program as well.

Upon my graduation I joined Boise Flite to play in a few last tournaments to see if I could get signed by a quality division 1 program. I played in three tournaments with Flite and had the chance to play with the very best in the Idaho. After playing in those tournaments I had offers from 4 to 5 quality division 1 programs, and a full ride scholarship to the #1 Junior College Basketball Program in the nation. I decided to sign with the College of Southern Idaho and play 2 years of quality minutes with some of the best players in the nation.

I played with 4 players that either currently play in the NBA or were there at some time. The point I am trying to get across is simple with the help of Boise Flite, and the opportunity to play against the very best prepared me in more ways than one to play and live in the college atmosphere of big time basketball. It helped me so much that I have chosen to come back and coach Boise Flite to help kids just like me get a shot at playing at the next level.

As a former player I was expected to get the very best out of my ability and I believe that any high school coach should want that for their kids. I believe that if you allow your kids some freedom and the opportunity to learn from other coaches while in high school then you will get the most out of that kid during their high school career.


Rob Black - Idaho 3A Player of The Year 2000 & 2001
What has Boise Flite done for my son, William (Will) Bogan?

I cannot easily express how meaningful and crucial the Boise Flite AAU experience has been for my son, Will. First and foremost, the opportunities in tournaments that Loren provided through Boise Flite is THE REASON for Will being seen and discovered by an SEC division I school like Ole Miss and, therefore, offered this particular full ride scholarship. Consequently, Idaho is a state that is now on the map for Mississippi. Not only did Mississippi find Will at one of the Boise Flite attended tournaments, the combination of tournaments attended by Boise Flite was also attended by seven (7) other division I schools (some Ivy League) and a couple of division II schools, all who offered Will scholarships and admission. He also was viewed on at least four different game occasions by Stanford with a future offer.

Do I believe that these offers would have been there without these Boise Flite experiences? Without question, most of these would not! Those college coaches expect to see the high caliber athletes at those tournaments. The other venues where Will was seen were camps, such as Double Pump, that he attended on his own at his own expense in the middle of the summer. Some coaches watched him there and then further watched him as a member of Boise Flite to see how he played with a team.

Though we respect and support William's high school coach, William is responsible for most other attention he may have received by the extensive recruiting packages that he personally sent out previous to attending these tournaments and camps. Even with those recruiting packages, no coach planned on seeing him except in Las Vegas or Portland or at the camps he attended.

Boise Flite has been an incredible experience for Will and a lot of fun. He's really enjoyed playing for Loren, in addition to the other Boise Flite coaches. His basketball world and skills have been expanded by the opportunity to meet and play with other outstanding players in Idaho and, especially, the Treasure Valley. His basketball skills have improved immensely with the opportunities to play against some of the best players in the country. Loren has dedicated and donated weeks and weeks of time to these players to increase the opportunities for exposure and, henceforth, scholarship opportunities.

Without opportunities like Boise Flite, I wholeheartedly believe that many scholarship opportunities would not be realized because Idaho is too small and too remote for any significant division I program outside of Idaho to bother looking at. Boise Flite puts Idaho and its basketball players "on the map" so-to-speak. One of our division I players, Scott Thompson (Santa Clara), played for a Washington AAU team. Do we want to send our kids to AAU teams out of state or would we rather nurture them here with those like Loren Schwarzhoff who are volunteering their time and money to put Idaho players on the map and represent them as being from Idaho?

Now and always, I would UNQUESTIONABLY choose Boise Flite and Loren to help pave the off-season path for my son, William Bogan. If a high school coach gave my son an ultimatum, I would take my son elsewhere where he was supported and encouraged to grow where he has the motivation to do so. After all, how many kids do you know who are willing to let their summer go quickly by while working so hard towards a college scholarship? Not many! Let's nurture and show respect for those who would make these mature and dedicated choices. Let's embrace programs such as Boise Flite and people like Loren Schwarzhoff. My most humble and sincere of thanks to you, Loren, for helping make William a better person, student and athlete.

- Janelle Bogan -

Our first memories of Boise FLITE were watching the team with Matt Bauscher, Chris Zamora, Mitch White, etc. Our son, Will, sat in the stands and dreamed of playing on Boise FLITE (I think it was the summer between 7th-8th grade). Who would have guessed that two short years later he would be invited to play on the BFB senior team. And then in three more years he would be invited to join the Ole Miss basketball team after playing with BFB in Las Vegas. Unbelievable!

Will's participation with Boise FLITE has been an invaluable part of his success on his high school team and in the classroom. Your constant emphasis on getting great grades (not just good) and your consistent coaching of basketball fundamentals helped put Will in a successful position as he heads to college. While there have been many positive influences in Will's life, we can honestly say that you and BFB have had a profound impact. Without Boise FLITE, Will would not be going to play basketball in the SEC for a terrific up-and-coming program at Ole Miss on a full-ride scholarship. It's that simple.

Your three rules are still taped to our fridge: 1. Play unselfishly!!! 2. Don't be afraid to fail and have a willingness to try to get better each play. 3. Always, Always remain positive and be optimistic about yourself and your teammates.

GREAT approach to basketball!
You're awesome!
Thanks for everything you've done!


Bill Bogan
To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Andy Hill and I am an assistant at the University of Montana. I have previously worked as an assistant coach at Eastern Washington University, Lewis-Clark State College, and Whitworth College. In my 10 or so years of collegiate experience I have dealt with numerous AAU or travel programs and coaches. I have come to find that is much like any other business or area in life. There are people who are in it for the right reasons and stand for the right qualities and then there are people who don't have much character and are in it for themselves. I can only tell you what I know in my experiences with Boise Flite Basketball and their staff. They have always been professional, had the kids' best interest in mind, been completely honest, have a reasonable approach regarding the vision of players and their experiences and have always been great people to deal with.

Having said all this, I have never once had one of their players attend a school I have coached at. So I have no political obligation to them or this letter, other than I know they stand for the right things. In today's high school athletics world, I know there is an ongoing debate over club sports/travel programs and good old fashion high school sports. My dad was an educator and high school coach himself. I honestly have a problem with many of the club programs and their visions for the kids. They are sometimes over bearing, unrealistic, obsessed, unreasonable and just plain out of whack regarding the kids and their involvement in the sports. I do however believe very strongly and know in my heart that Loren and Boise Flite are not one of these unreasonable programs. I believe they have great character and are in this for the right reason. Which is what we should all be doing this for and that is kids! Thanks for your time.

Have a Great Day,

Andy Hill
Asst. Men's Basketball Coach
University of Montana
2005 & 2006 Big Sky Champions and NCAA Tournament
Coach, I first became involved in the Boise Flite program in the summer of 2006. I was invited to join the team for the Las Vegas tournament in July. The following year (Spring 2007), I joined the Flite program for the full spring/summer season. I participated in most of the tournaments, including two in Las Vegas, one in Portland and several in the southern Idaho area.

I love playing basketball and participation in the Flite program was a big deal for me personally. To be able to play with some of the best high school players in state and to compete with some of the best teams in the USA was very exciting and rewarding. One of your major objectives is to provide exposure to college coaches, and you did a great job of that. For the better players, that was a real benefit. Personally, the program was a great way for me to get calibrated. I think I am a good high school basketball player, but now I know that I am not destined for big time college ball. But to have been on the court with some of these guys that are headed to D1 schools was a real blast. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Through the program, I learned a lot about basketball and myself and had the opportunity to hang with some good guys. Also, my parents are basketball junkies, and we all had fun attending the out of town events. I feel lucky and proud that I had the chance to be part of the Flite program.

Thanks for everything Coach.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nick Hovda, and I am a senior student-athlete from Emmett High School. I would like to tell you about myself and about my experience with Boise Flite.

I played with Boise Flite my junior year of high school and consider myself proud to be part of the Boise Flite Program. All of the coaches are positive and treat players with respect. In addition, Boise Flite is more than just playing basketball; being the only player from my high school to play Boise Flite, I have met and played with other kids from half a dozen or more schools. These players have become my friends. This year, we have attended some of each other's high school games. I think meeting new kids and traveling to out of town tournaments has expanded my horizons. Boise Flite has helped me as a person and a player. It has also brought me exposure to interested college coaches who otherwise would have no clue about who I am. Boise Flite has given me options as to where I want to play college ball.

You should also know a little about me. I am very active at my high school. Boise Flite does not detract from my participation in high school activities. In addition to basketball (1st Team All Conference 4A SIC), I have also played football each year. I was also selected All Conference as a wide receiver and as a kicker. Currently, I am student body vice-president and a member of the National Honor Society. I have a 4.0 GPA with a class ranking of #1 out of 223. I have been named a KBCI Television and United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student of the Week, and on a separate occasion, a United Dairymen of Idaho Channel 6 Athlete of the Week. I include this information along with my community service on my college resumes. I also proudly include being a member of Boise Flite. I honestly think that the Boise Flite Basketball Program has a lot to offer kids like me.


Nick Hovda
Boise FLITE Coaching Staff:

My son's involvement with Boise FLITE was a great experience for both him and for us, as his parents. Bryan played with the FLITE for two years and played on another valley traveling team for three years prior to the FLITE. FLITE gave him the opportunity to play as a teammate with kids that had been and continued to be rivals from other schools in his high school conference and, not only did they become friends, but they also developed a new respect for each other. The traveling to the various tournaments was fun for the boys (and the parents) but it also exposed them to some of the best high school players/teams in the country. Idaho is not exactly a hotbed of basketball talent and the FLITE's team was not one to overwhelm anyone with height and speed but the coach's emphasis on basketball smarts, trust, and teamwork made them extremely competitive and highly successful. They won many tournaments and made a sweep of their pool in that Adidas Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas beating teams from California, Colorado, Nebraska and others and making the final 64 team playoff where they lost a heartbreaker that would have put them among the best 32 teams which would have been a first for any team from Idaho.

The coaches were great with the boys, always challenging them and teaching new skills. Sportsmanship was expected and their experiences went beyond basketball. There was no agenda to build a team around one or two players that is often the case when these kinds of teams are put together by a parent. I am not positive, but I believe that every player from the FLITE played on a high school team that went to the 2003 state 5A tournament and every kid that was on those teams played a leadership role for their team. Having teams such as the FLITE raises the bar for the skill level of local players and gives them exposure to schools to play at the next level that might not have otherwise been existed. Everything about the program was a positive experience for my son and it has given us memories that we will always cherish.


Michael Huter
To Whom It May Concern:

My oldest son played basketball for Boise Flite and had a great experience doing it. One of the biggest challenges for basketball players in Idaho wanting to play at the college level is getting exposure. Boise Flite provides a means by which players with the motivation to improve their game can do it. For a player to be successful in today's game they must dedicate themselves and work on their basketball skills more than just during the season. Great players are not made by what they do in practice, but it is what they do after practice and in the off season.

Boise Flite allows players to improve their skills and to play against tougher competition. They skills that my son learned while with Boise Flite help him to secure and his dream of playing Division I Basketball. The coaches are helpful and courteous to the players. They instill good fundamentals and introduce players to what it takes to be successful in the game of basketball. I can't say enough, about how grateful my family is for what Boise Flite did for our son. I would highly recommend Boise Flite to anyone who wants to become the best player they can be. It is a great organization that is helping young men reach their potential as basketball players.

Jeff Jardine
Parent of 5A Player of the Year Brady Jardine 2006
To whom it may concern:

We are writing this letter in support of Boise Flite Basketball. Our son is a high school senior and played the 2007 season with Flite. We had extensive exposure to Flite basketball, its mission, philosophies, coaches and representatives.

Flite provides players an opportunity to continue to play basketball beyond the high school season and to play outside of SW Idaho against some of the best players in the nation. On numerous occasions Flite played in front of coaches from every major college conference in the country. Without Flite, our son would have had no exposure outside of Idaho. Other programs in the area such as Y-ball, AAU and rec. programs do provide local opportunities, but there are still communities these programs do not service well, if at all. Furthermore, the local programs allow no exposure beyond this area. Flite allows players who desire to play college ball an opportunity to pursue that goal.

Flite is totally non-profit. The coaches take NO SALARY. They provide hours of coaching, organization and planning FOR FREE. The coaching is positive, the kids have fun and play great basketball. No player is ever turned away from Flite for financial reasons - the program makes every effort to support players from all backgrounds.

We are both former college athletes. We have lived in this area a long time and understand the difficulties in transitioning from high school to college athletics. Flite provides the best opportunity for student-athletes to explore this option. Our experience with Flite has been so positive that we plan to continue to help support the organization financially after our son has graduated.


Steve and Ann Koga
To Whom It May Concern:

Boise Flite Basketball has become a very special part of our lives. Since my son, Kelly Kurtz has become involved with Boise Flite, he has begun to mature into a very spectacular individual, thanks in part to the wonderful coaching staff at Boise Flite. Loren, Matt and Brandon have guided Kelly throughout the season and Kelly has the utmost respect and admiration for the Flite coaching staff. Kelly has improved on the basketball court due to Boise Flite, but more importantly, he is learning some very valuable life lessons while under the direction/supervision of the Boise Flite staff.

Even though this is an athletic organization, the impact Boise Flite has had on my son goes way beyond the basketball court. Thank you for giving Kelly the opportunity to be involved with this fine organization.

Judi Walker
Kelly Kurtz Borah - 2009
Dear Board Members,

I have known members of the Boise Flite coaching staff for nearly 15 years. During that time, I have watched as Flite has grown, and become a premier AAU program. That the past members of Flite have gone on to achieve excellence on the basketball court is beyond refute. However, the truly special part about Flite is the positive impact being associated with Flite has had on each player. Over the past three years, I have been fortunate enough to get to know past members of flight by playing city league basketball with them. To a man each is a quality individual. All reference their time with Flite with great fondness, and acknowledge the impact the coaches and past players have had on their lives.

I am a business owner, and am happy to say, that one of my very best employees is a former Flite player. It is evident to me every day that the work ethic, team attitude, and confidence that he received during his time with Flite, has had a major impact on his current success. It is a topic we have discussed on multiple occasions. Coach Schwarzhoff was instrumental in helping connect his former player with my firm, and for the success that has ensued. To say that Flite's impact on players is solely basketball related is an injustice to the community of players, coaches, parents, and supporters if Boise Flite. This is evidenced by the fact that Coach Schwarzhoff and his staff continue to be involved in the lives of his current and former players, and constantly looks for opportunities to help them on the court an off.

It is my opinion that organizations like Boise Flite serve a purpose that prepares young men for the challenges that lay ahead for them in life, and prepares them to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them in sports and beyond.


Matt Gallegos
Principal Owner
Lakeview Financial Services, LLC
To Whom It May Concern:

Playing for Boise Flite was an experience I will never forget. I had the most fun I've ever had playing basketball during the time when I played for Flite. I remember watching Boise Flite play as a young kid (5-8th grade) when I was doing a few AAU tournaments. They won every game I watched IN STYLE. I wanted to play for them as soon as I saw them. Luckily, my senior year that wish became a reality.

I formed many friendships through basketball. None however were quite like the ones I made through Flite. It brought me exposure to numerous colleges and helped me form my opinion about my future in basketball. It opened my eyes to the world around me and got me to play with and against the best players in the state/region/nation.

Boise Flite is about giving talented basketball players an opportunity to get outside of Idaho and experience what the competition is really like out there, and get some college attention, make new friendships, and become a better person in the process. I'm glad I got the opportunity to play ball with people who cared and loved the game as much as I did.

Jason Marchbanks- Notus High School '07
Hi Coach,

Brock had a great time last year and we really appreciate everything you and your staff did to make it a great experience for him. Please feel free to pass along my thoughts below to school district officials:

My son was associated with the Boise Flite Basketball program in 2007. It was an outstanding experience for him on many levels. He made several new friends from the Treasure Valley and learned a great deal from the coaching staff. Not only did he gain further understanding about the Xs and Os of basketball, he also learned about recruiting and important life lessons. From a diplomatic perspective, Boise Flite Basketball represented the state of Idaho in an outstanding manner at several tournaments in other states.

During his time with Boise Flite, my son's confidence grew tremendously. It was a great supplement to his high school basketball experience. All of the kids I talked to were just thrilled to have the opportunity to associate with some of the best coaches and players in the state.

Todd McDermott

Customer Business Manager
Johnson & Johnson Sales and Logistics Company, LLC
To whom it may concern:

Our son was a participant in Boise FLITE basketball as a junior and senior in high school. The coaching was positive and helped our son develop his skills and confidence. We found that the FLITE coaches recognized potential that may have been overlooked by previous coaches. Playing with players that he normally played against on his high school team was also a beneficial experience, and helped him develop a more three dimensional outlook regarding opponents. In addition, the players seemed to have fun.

Sportsmanship was always emphasized and demonstrated by the Boise FLITE coaches. Coaches treated players with respect and expected that respect to be reciprocated and also extended to teammates and opponents. There were also opportunities presented for community service and for earning money to offset the costs of traveling to out of town tournaments.

Should you have questions about Boise FLITE basketball, I would be happy to answer them based on our family's experiences.


Mary McGee

I enjoy Boise FLITE because it gives me a good sense of my competition and how I compare to my competition around the state and the nation. I also enjoy traveling all around the west with close teammates and friends to play a game that I love. Boise FLITE has been a positive experience since the first day of tryouts last spring. I have learned a lot and will keep learning how to progress as a player and as a person through Boise FLITE.

Dennis Mikelonis-Boise High School 2009

To whom it may concern: I would like to show my support for the Boise Flite Basketball Program. Boise Flite and other "travel ball" programs are vital to our recruiting efforts at a smaller college such as Montana Tech. We have a limited recruiting budget which requires us to attend basketball events that Boise Flite attends. We must go to events that allow us to see the largest number of prospects at a given time. A summer event such as the Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas, which Flite attends regularly, allows us to do just that.

Having started my coaching career as a team manager at Boise State University I am aware of the local talent in the Boise area. Upon getting my current job at Montana Tech I made it a priority to get in touch with the Boise Flite staff to begin recruiting efforts in Southern Idaho. We currently have on former player from Boise Flite (Dirk Anderson, Idaho City, ID) who we would not have known very much about without a program such as Boise Flite. We are also currently in contact with many more players that are in the program now. I truly feel that programs such as Boise Flite are vital for programs such as ours when looking for future players for our program.


Kyle Palmer—Assistant Coach Men's Basketball
As director and head coach of the Northwest Cougars, I can't say enough about how much Boise Flite has done to help kids better themselves at basketball and their opportunities to be noticed by more colleges and help make that huge jump from high school to college.

I have been working with the same type of program as the Boise Flite and I know first hand that the important influence the Boise Flite has is second to none.

Many times, kids are placed in a position where they don't understand what it takes to better themselves outside of school as players and people. By creating the friendships and the opportunities that would have been otherwise impossible to find, Boise Flite makes it so kids in Southern Idaho are meeting/making friends, having a chance to become their best as individuals, and are able to participate in events that helps all the other "big name" stars earn the highest level(s) of scholarships possible.

When people have a hard time understanding the importance of programs like Boise Flite, asking the following questions helps put things in a better perspective:

1) When people want to become their best academically, music related, etc..., how much time and how many opportunities/events are they looking for to make it possible? What happens is high school is always important, but you can't just be satisfied with what happens in high school. That won't make you your best regardless of it being academics, sports, etc... The extra opportunities are a great advantage!

2) When kids are seeing the big name players coming out of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc..., what is it that those kids have had that made it possible? If it has been shown and proven by others that the extra practice and additional opportunities make things happen, players should strive to find and do the same things. Having the role models who have figured out what it takes gives kids a vision of what they want to become.

3) What can be done to help kids understand the "rights" and "wrongs" of training, interacting, getting noticed, and self-presentation? To be complete, you can't just have the additional opportunities and role models. To truly succeed, you need to have the correct influences around you as friends, family, teammates, co-workers, etc... Doesn't matter what type of profession or type of athletics you're looking at. By having others around you who are also trying to become their best and also make it as far as possible, you have the additional "push" to get it done. Your friends want you to become your best. Your family wants you to become your best. Same with your teammates and co-workers.

Having the right direction funnels your thoughts, energy, and practices to where they ought to be. Seeing what others did to get there and seeing their success shows what you can become. Getting the chances to improve and prove are what make you better and get you noticed.

We live in a world of competition. People applying for jobs and/or scholarships want to be as well educated and trained as possible, as well as holding advantage they can that puts them a step ahead of the others that they're going against.

This outlook when taken in respect to the questions and concepts I listed above makes it so kids don't just go the right direction, but also UNDERSTAND WHY IT'S THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

The Boise Flite and many other programs make it possible for kids out of areas like Southern Idaho to become their best, achieve the best opportunities to be seen and be known, make what often times become their best friends, and get the best out of life.

What would happen to the kids if programs like the Boise Flite weren't around? Don't ask the successful scholarship basketball players... they wouldn't know because almost 100% of them have been part of programs like Boise Flite. If you want to know what it would be like for the kids who haven't been in programs like the Boise Flite, ask the kids who came close to getting scholarships and didn't. Ask the kids who never had a chance to participate in some of the most renowned basketball events in the world. Ask the kids who feel they are where they are because they were never noticed.

Want to know how important the Boise Flite program is and how many people it helps? Just ask the kids who have been part of the program and the various colleges who have found the players they wanted and needed because of the Boise Flite.

Coach Craig Baumgartner
Northwest Cougars

I want to thank you and the other Flite coaches. Our son had a tremendous experience last year with the Flite program and is really looking forward to being part of the program this year.

It is axiomatic that to get better, you need to play with players who are better than you. Flite does this on two levels. First, the teams are composed of many of the most talented players in the Valley. Every practice is a growing opportunity. Second, the tournaments extend the season to the end of July and allow the players to compete against some of the best teams in the country. Craig still brags about beating the all star team from Kansas City and about playing LeBron James' U-16 team from Cleveland.

It is gratifying to see the camaraderie that develops between the Flite players. During the high school season, the Flite players routinely give each other hugs before and after games. But during the games, watch out! They are fiercely competitive with each other, but it is a competitiveness founded on mutual respect. This makes for some of the most intense quality basketball there is.

You guys do a great job of developing their skills. High school coaches have a limited talent pool to draw on. Players end up playing where they are needed, even if it is not the best fit for their skills. The Flite coaches encourage the players to broaden their skill-sets and try new things. Last summer with Flite, my son developed a great mid-range shot that he put to good use this year during the high school season.

The last comment I'd like to make is perhaps the most important. Somehow, perhaps as the result of all the above combined with your positive and professional attitudes, you were able to rekindle the love of the game in my son. At the end of his 10th grade school ball season, my son for the first time in his life said he was tired of basketball. After a couple weeks with the Flite program, he was completely re-energized. His enthusiasm carried through to the next high school season, where he continued to develop and had his best year ever!

Skills development, competition against some of the best players in the country, camaraderie with local players, renewed enthusiasm for the game. If I were a high school coach, I would try to get every one of my players into the Flite program.


Chris Ode
To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago my son was invited to participate with Boise FLITE. We live in a small rural community and the opportunity for him to play with the level of talent that the Boise FLITE staff brought together was wonderful. The kids treated each other well and seemed to enjoy each other's company and skills. The coaches were great! They were knowledgeable, patient, and very positive with the players. I have been involved with high school athletics a long, long time. Of all the activities (out of season) that my son was exposed to that contributed in a positive way to his development, Boise FLITE was one of the best. He met and played with some great kids, received lots of quality instruction, and had the opportunity to compete against a lot of talented athletes both in and outside of Idaho. He had a great high school basketball career which his mom and I believe was enhanced by his participation with Boise FLITE.

Finally, I'd say that Coach Schwarzhoff was the primary reason and force behind the excellent experience my son had. He expected the kids to act in a respectful manner. He was understanding when players had conflicts with their schedules. I know he had some difficulty in finding gym time to hold practices. As a school administrator, I would not hesitate to allow Boise FLITE to use our facilities. He was interested in encouraging students to participate in charitable activities, and was terrific at promoting the players via his published programs and web site. While my son was more interested in participating in football in college, his participation with Boise FLITE garnered him some recognition from several small college basketball coaches which was both unexpected and encouraging to him.

Wil Overgaard

School administrator
Weiser School District
Yo Yo:

Playing Boise Flite basketball was by far my best experience with the game of basketball! I never enjoyed playing the game more than when I played with Flite. The coaches cared about the players and opened up serious opportunity for the players and their futures with basketball. It is truly a selfless act on the coach's part. They raise money and get names out there for college coaches to notice the players for Flite. It was also just amazing to travel and play with the best players in all of Idaho. I know I have many good memories from traveling...some may not have been funny at the time, but are hilarious now.

The whole Flite experience was just uplifting, encouraging and amazing. I developed some great relationships with other guys in the sic league and have just learned from the coaches how to care for others more than myself, which is a beautiful thing. I may not be playing basketball anymore, but I try to resemble the same kind of character that cares about others and helps people get somewhere they want to be, if I am capable of helping.

So ya, I never had a better experience with basketball in my life! Without Flite I don't think I would have even tried to play in college...but it gave me a little bit more hope and desire to continue on.

Alex Post - Capital HS 2006
To whom it may concern-

My name is Coach Al Salazar- The reason is put the coach in is this. I do the exact same thing that Boise Flite and Coach Schwarzhoff does. I not only have been coaching for many years but have teams that travel around the Western United States. My teams have played against the Boise Flite on numerous occasions. I have always been impressed with the attitudes of the kids, their work ethic and the respect they show. This, strangely enough is one of the main reasons I asked to have my son play with them last year. I thought my son would have a good experience and get a different kind of exposure. And he very much did. It was very different for me to have to watch instead of coach. I was able to see someone (and an organization) that not only has a passion for the game of basketball but for the welfare of the kids as well. This was very impressive to me. I very much appreciate what Boise Flite does for these young men.

Thank you
Coach Al Salazar
Aight Chief,

my advisor's name is Juanitta Pearson and you can reach her at school and by email.

Thanks for everything Coach and i expect to see you on the sidelines next year when i make my comeback and do work! i be released to start ballin again here shortly and i will hit you up so i can get some running in and toughen up your flite boys. Stay in touch and you can hit me up on the celly or at my school email anytime you just feel like showin some love! thanks again for everything Chief, playin for you was off the chain and is part of the reason i am the player i am today...

your Boi,
T (Terriel Thomas)
To Whom It May Concern:

Our son, Josh Ware, played basketball for Boise Flite in 2003-04. He definitely thrived on the higher level of competition that Flite offered, by traveling to play teams from around the country. His experience with the coaches and his teammates was only positive. One of the benefits of Flite was playing with the most talented kids from the other teams in the valley and across the state, instead of against them. He also benefited from learning an additional basketball system (besides the one at Centennial) and adjusting to another coaching style. Flite affords kids the opportunity to play an extra basketball season during the summer and grow their skills and knowledge of the game. It is definitely for the dedicated player who loves the game!

Randy & Beth Ware
To Whom It May Concern:

"Boise FLITE basketball provides our area young men an opportunity to play, compete and be seen regionally and nationally. This is a great synergy with our education goals - preparing our young men and women in a national/global environment. I believe there are players in this area that have the academic achievement coupled with the basketball skills to obtain an athletic scholarship at the college/university level. Boise FLITE basketball provides this opportunity."

John J Williams - Treasure Valley YMCA Board of Directors Member