Who is eligible to play for the FLITE team?
All current graduating years 2020, 2021, 2022.

How many players and teams are selected?
Only 8-9 players per team are selected and we base the number of teams on the number of players who attend the workout who will benefit from playing at this level.

What if I can only make a few of the tournaments?
The more tournaments you commit to, the greater the chance you have of making and continuing on with FLITE.

How do I get to tournaments?
We will provide recommended flights but it is not mandatory that you fly. For drivable tournaments we usually caravan.

My parents aren't going - How do I get there and what room do I stay in?
If flying, we all try to fly as a group. If driving, you can ride with another family or a coach’s vehicle. FLITE will put you in a team room or if you are comfortable staying with another family, that is ok.

When and where do we have Mini-Camps?
We are producing the Mini-Camps the weeks before the NCAA Sanctioned Tournaments. Mini-Camps will be held at North Jr. High or Riverstone High School in Boise.

WWhat is a Mini-Camp and why?
Our Mini-Camps consist of a practice Friday PM, Saturday AM, a team building activity and then another practice Saturday late afternoon. The Mini-Camp provides the best opportunity for out of town players to make practices. This also provides excellent team chemistry in a rapid manor.

What are the costs?
We can't give exact costs because that is dependent upon the number of teams and parental participation. If we have all parents go to every tournament then costs can be lower. If no parents go to tournaments then we have to get more hotel rooms and rent 15-passenger vans which increases cost. FLITE is the most affordable traveling high school girls club in Idaho!

What examples do you have of team building events?
University Tours, Floating Boise River, Mani/Pedicures, Wake Boarding, Tubing - FUN STUFF!

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